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Posted on November 29 2014

Of course, this time of year is extremely busy for any maker and I am no exception!  That doesn't stop new ideas from flowing around in my head and neither does it stop my uncontrollable desire to learn.  

My Ideas:

The little bag at the top us a prototype I've been using for the past couple of months.  I love it!  It's the perfect size to run into the store with, it fits in the car door pocket, it looks good and it helps me use up my small pieces of waxed canvas.

I have a few other ideas I am tossing around. What deters me at the moment is sourcing fabric that is made in this country. I may have to satisfy myself with fabric made in the countries of friends.  I'm thinking of offering my Grocer's bag in two additional fabrics, possibly one in an array of colors.  

I have read books and watched plenty of videos on soapmaking as this is a skill that is right up my alley. I made one unscented batch that turned out better than I had expected.  I am putting together an order for some scents so family and friends may end up being my human guinea pigs this Christmas!

What I Have Studied Over The Past Week:

Audiobooks - I get to learn while I work and I work a lot!:  

The Cashflow Quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki

How To Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big by Scott Adams

Difference by Bernadette Jiwa

Eat That Frog by Brian Tracy.  

I took a little bit away from each of these books.  Scott Adams gives some practical advice that anyone could apply immediately to everyday situations. Robert Kiyosaki insists that the old way of doing things is forever gone.  Those ways may, for the most part, be gone but I am holding out hope that manufacturing will return to this country and make it great once again. Overall, the Cashflow Quadrant is a good book on how money works and I would definitely recommend it.  The most important thing I took away from Eat That Frog is to make "to do" lists and then get to the ugliest thing on that list first.  

Please feel free to respond.  I love to hear from my customers!  

Also, if you haven't indulged yourself in the world of Pinterest, you should really consider it!  It is in my top three favorite sites to use.  I do have a rule though, I only pin what I really love, not what I kindof like.  If you decide to check it out, I would love it if you followed me: http://www.pinterest.com/tanyaernst/ 


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