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I often hear people say "Nothing is made in this country anymore.  Everything is made in China."  This statement is completely false.  I made my first bag at a time when it seemed impossible to find a U.S. made bag.  That was before Etsy.  I believe that Etsy has caused a mini handmade revolution.  We need a huge revolution and that revolution can only take hold with people like you.  Every time someone purchases a product that is made in this country, not only are they typically getting a product that will stand the test of time, they are creating a job.  You have the POWER to create huge economic changes!

Disclaimer:  All of my products are constructed with tiny, less than 1/16", stitches that hold tight.  If I think a seam will be under stress, I stitch it atleast one more time (maybe twice more).  I also seek out American supplies partially because of the standards the E.P.A. requires them to be produced.  I would not purchase Chinese (or any other country) suede because I wouldn't risk my own health or the health of my customers. 

During this holiday season, please take a moment to flip the gift you are considering buying over to see which country it is made in and buy accordingly.  Even selective consumers often have too much stuff.

What I do:  If it isn't made in this country, I consider how badly I need it.  If it seems impossible, I choose the next best thing - made by one of our political allies.  I often search out a used American made products at a second hand shop or on Ebay.  Sometimes it can't be avoided but that shouldn't deter you from trying.  When companies recognize that American made products are selling better than those manufactured elsewhere, they will scramble to make the adjustment too.

If you are not aware of the way large corporations infiltrate countries like Bangladesh with abusive labor practices, you simply need to look it up on YouTube.  They may be able to make inexpensive products but the way they do it is completely wrong.  

I have assembled a list of trusted American made products that I hope will help make it easy for you to buy American and help the people in our country to prosper once again.


Akadema Baseball Equipment.  Patriot Series gloves are made in New Jersey, as are the wood bats.

Anchor Glassware:

Buck Knives:

Case Knives:  More pocket knives.

Catskill Craftsmen:  Larger manufacturer of large butcher block style cutting boards.  I sought them out when I needed a great big, well made cutting board for my kitchen island.  They custom made mine for a great price.

C.P. Basils Wooden Kitchen Tools:  These small business makes inexpensive cherry wood kitchen tools.  I bough a scoop and a fantastic spoon that gets everything off the bottom of the pot.

Chippewa Boots:  Look for the ones that are made in this country.  My husband is a UPS driver and usually goes through boots quickly.  These boots lasted him two full years which turned into a bargain.

Corelle Dishes:  Still made in USA.  Not great looking but fine for every day use.

Cutco:  Knives made in western New York State and said to be the sharpest knives in the world.  I own a few but could easily makedo with just one - the 7" Santoku.  I sent them back to be sharpened and they replaced my bread knife and my scissors!  Awesome company!

Danforth Pewter:  I know everybody loves the Hallmark ornaments but I would prefer an heirloom pewter ornament any day.

Fiesta Dinnerware:  Start a collection and add to it one piece at a time.

Kitchenaid:  Stand mixers are made in USA.  They have recently began manufacturing small appliances domestically.

Leatherman Multi-Tool Knife:  This is perfect for men (and some women too).

Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle:  This water bottle hasn't broken yet and I've used mine for over a year.

Lincoln Logs:  These classic toys will soon be once again manufactured in the U.S. in the state of Maine.  Make sure to check the label and purchase accordingly!  

LL Bean:  LL Bean continues to make their Boat & Tote and their Maine Hunting Boots here.  I think they have also added a peacoat to their US made line.

Lodge Cast Iron:  I use cast iron.  Mine do not need to be enamel coated.  These inexpensive pans definitely do the trick.

Maglite Flashlights:  Men, women and children all could use a really good flashlight.

New Balance Sneakers:  New Balance still makes select sneakers in this country but you have to check.

Nexcare Bandaids:  I know this isn't really a gift idea but this is a place you can easily put down the BandAid brand bandaids that are made in China and pick up the Nexcare brand that are made in this country and they work much better anyway.

Rainbow Flip Flops:  My oldest son swears by these flipflops.  I have witnessed people asking him where he got them.  I love that Made in USA is important to the kids too!

Weber Grills:  I have the regular charcoal grill and the smaller smoker.  I love them both!

West Bend Hot Water Kettle:  West Bend 6400 found on Amazon for around $27.

West Paw Dog Toys:  This company made one of dogs' favorite toy - the pink flamingo.

Wigwam Socks:  This company makes all kinds of socks along with hats and gloves.

Please feel free to comment below if you know of any companies that can be added to the list!

The American consumer who purchases American made goods is the one who creates jobs in our great country.  Thank you!